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Storchak Cleaners

Jan - Kenwood

“ Just for the record--you guys are THE ANSWER to my prayers! I cannot tell you how long I have resisted and resented the high cost of dry cleaning. I would end up punishing myself and my family by not purchasing the finer things to wear just because they required dry cleaning. I will be in and out of your stores every week-I know it's hard to imagine that something so simple can mean so much to daily life, but THANK YOU! Best wishes in the growth of the company.”

Storchak Cleaners

David - Coon Rapids

“ I would like to pass along a compliment. The Manager/owner is doing a great job and I am always impressed by the service and his employees are always friendly. They even recognize me and pull up my order without asking for the information--how impressive is that! I have seen lines out the door at this location, so I am sure it has hundreds if not thousands of customers. For the gentleman to know my information without having to ask me is truly impressive and shows quality, commitment and caring. Outstanding job!”

Storchak Cleaners


“ I am a regular customer of one of your Coon Rapids stores and would like to express my satisfaction as a customer. Your employee willingly offered to help me carry out my clothes to my car and refused a tip when I offered one. I really appreciated that and was impressed by his customer service.”

Storchak Cleaners


“ Can you tell me if you plan to open more stores in Minneapolis, St. Louis Park or Edina? We could sure use one up here.”

Storchak Cleaners

Undefined Customer

“ Your delivery services are superior and impeccable. In the past we used two other cleaners with higher prices… their services are not even close to yours. Storchak and Mr. T’s Cleaners are by far best value in town.”

Storchak Cleaners

Ryan - Champlin

“ People are saying great things about your business. Any plans to bring a location to Champlin and Ramsey?”

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